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Mr Ralph Valentine started selling ‘Wicked’ dipping sauces at flea markets in Queensland in 2002. Wicked Products Pty Ltd was then established in 2003 to run the Brand Wicked, which was later purchased by a family company of Mr Valentine’s.

Wicked is foremost a Family business striving to maintain the integrity and their values of supplying outstanding Australian Products to the retail sectors.

The Wicked Dip product is a value add item, originating from a concept in the fresh fruit market where the humble beginnings saw the dips created the night before they were sold in flea markets alongside fresh strawberries. The idea expanded to the manufacture and distribution of the “Wicked” range of dips.

“Wicked” was a successful brand in its own right and having achieved success on the domestic markets with its inclusion in the retail chain Coles group, IGA & and Independent Retailers as a value add item, it also penetrated the USA markets with great success.

In 2006, we originally launched in New Zealand with Progressive & Food Stuff Distributors.

In 2007-08 the Global Financial Crisis caused a dramatic change for the Wicked Dips business then owned under the brand “Wicked Products” seeing the sale of major retail chain in Australia resulted in a major drawback from the domestic and international markets.

Another of Mr Valentine’s family companies took over the “Wicked” brand continuing to believe that the products original success could be replicated.

Under the direction of Ralph Valentine, whom has over 50 years of fresh fruit experience Wicked Dips has been increasing its market share in the Australian Retail sector. Working alongside him are his son David Valentine and daughter, Sandra Valentine, both integral members of the “Wicked” name.

2014 saw the Wicked Dips re-brand their packaging, including the verification of the Australian Made status, the start of its next exciting development stage.

2018 Wicked launched a new line – Wicked Waffle Dippers!  Available nationwide at major retailers and independently owned chain stores.

2020 Now in fresh new packaging, with all natural flavoring across all flavours. ARL approved.

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